Boys’ Basketball – The Boys’ Basketball Team is out of the PSL Playoffs by losing in the 1st round to Osborn 58-51.  Don
Wilkerson led the Pharaohs with 21 points.  CMA will now schedule non league games until the MHSAA District Playoffs at
Ferndale.  All games, opponents and dates will be announced at a later date.

Girls’ Basketball – After winning over Finney in the 1st round of the PSL Playoffs 66-43, the Lady Pharaohs lost to 2nd round
opponent Mumford last Thursday.  The Lady Pharaohs will also set up non league games until the MHSAA District Playoffs at
Livonia Clarenceville.  All games and dates will be announced at a later date.

Medical Releases – Written Medical Releases are a state and district requirement before readmittance to any athletic
competition (games, practice, travel, etc.).  Once an athlete is injured for whatever reason and medical attention is required, that
athlete must have a written medical release to return to competition (practice or games).  Failure to comply with this state and
district mandate will result in your suspension from the team.  Coaches also not in compliance with this policy will be disciplined
accordingly.  Athletes policy and procedures are written and followed for your health interest.

Spring Sports – All Spring Sports will start conditioning next week.  To participate in a Spring Sport, you must have the following
requirements completed before any form of athletic participation starts.  
A completed MHSAA Physical Form on file in the Athletic Office.
Academic clearance from the eligibility chair.
Transfer students must also clear the transfer waiting period of one semester by the eligibility chair.
Failure to comply with this rule will result in the suspension of the athlete.

Athletic Benefits – All athletes please understand that athletic participation does not give any athlete the right to reschedule
detentions, remove suspensions, and/or adjust CMA academic or athletic policies because you participate in a sport.  You are a
student athlete, not just an athlete.  If your core grades (Math, English, Social Studies and Science) fall below a 2.0, you will not be
able to participate.  You have been allotted a study hall to seek academic assistance from any teacher.

Suspended students are not to report to athletic games or practices.  Suspensions are effective at the end of the academic day
at 2:00.  There are no exceptions.  Detentions are not rescheduled because of your athletic commitments.  Academic
requirements supersede athletic interests.  Those athletes that have falsified information to staff for the purpose of rescheduling
or to be excused from an assignment to gain eligibility status will be dealt with on an individual basis (ex: falsifying a parent’s death,
family emergency, etc.).